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Zillow instant offers a couple months later some AR members say

These seem to be the overall feelings regarding Zillow on AR that I have found on comments that I can relate to. I have to say,  I agree with them and it seems to be a growing number of NAR members who are letting their voices be heard on here.



"Unfortunately, NAR can't really do anything.  What would be impressive is if a couple of large brokerages like KW, Remax, and Realogy etc. pulled their feeds to Zillow.  I bet Zillow would drop the Instant offers program quickly if that were to happen"



"Some are claiming that Z is "practicing Real Estate without a license".  I would think that Z's legal department has created the necessary real estate corporations and real estate LLC's, with the required Broker/Director in place, to comply with the laws of the states where they are running this program."


"The only damage that NAR could do to Z is to get every Board, Association, and MLS to stop giving away the farm by syndicating to Z."


"As far as Zillow is concerned, what they are attempting to do is like a broker who wants his agents to go out and bring listings in while s/he runs a discount operation in the same space! Realtors are uploading homes to Zillow and Zillow is having you pay a license fee to be seen NEXT to your own listing"


 "They are an enterprise dependent on deception, misrepresentation and stolen property to exist. Many don't mind being associated."

"you should be judging those who fund an unlicensed entity to steal our leads from local seach positions and sell them back to us at a discount."  


"They do not intend to help you or I grow, they intend in the long run to put us out of business I think it's time for all of us to recreate our businesses, at least those that depend on Zillow for their success.  " 


"Agents paying for Zillow in any manner:  STUPID"


"ad costs" have gone sky high just to get your face next to a listing that is not yours--(to get a lead who thinks you are the listing agent"


"the damage this can do to your reputation and your standing in your real estate community--well, it is now a very different story"


"When it come to Zillow it's not even honest."


"It is a bribery scenario and I hate that."


"that it is eroding our (all agents) reputations even further for the buying public!"


"entities" have insinuated themselves between the states licensing requirements and the buying/selling  public is a high crime and requires immediate attention...IMHO."


"Their method of making it look like an independant newbie who pays for five zip codes a month is the listing agent of hundreds of properties has never been challenged by NAR or listing agents The CFBP is investigating their practice of pushy and underhanded selling of the following: they convince lenders to pay for a Realtor zip code saying it's a split but it often is not. This is a big violation for licensed lenders. Coming soon"




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Zillow instant offers a couple months later some AR members say
These seem to be the overall feelings regarding Zillow on AR that I have found on comments that I can relate to. I have to say, I agree with them and it seems to be a growing number of NAR members who are letting their voices be heard on here. .. more
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