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Crestview Road project improvements to Crestview Florida traffic

Review Start Date: Phase: From: To: District: County: Contact Name / Phone: Contact Email: Project Milestone Dates:
1/07/2009Programming Screen
SR 85N South Ferdon BlvdSR 10 / US90 W James Lee Blvd
District 3Okaloosa County
Cory Wilkinson
(850) 429-8944
2/21/2009 | 1/07/2009
Project Milestone: ETAT Review Completed 2/21/2009
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Project Description Summary
The proposed project would increase capacity by providing additional travel lanes along PJ Adams/Antioch Road from SR 85 N (South Ferdon Boulevard) to SR 10 / US 90W (James Lee Boulevard), a distance of 5.3 miles. An additional two-lane bridge would be constructed over SR 8 (I-10) with consideration of a new interchange at Antioch Road and I-10. A four-lane bridge will be evaluated where the corridor crosses CSX railroad (currently an at-grade crossing). Stormwater management ponds, bicycle and pedestrian facilities are included.

Three corridors have been identified for consideration, designated as Alternative 1, Alternative 2, and Alternative 3. Alternative 1 follows Old Antioch Road / Antioch Road (CR 4) from SR 85 to US 90. Alternative 2 follows PJ Adams / Antioch Road from SR 85 to US 90. Alternative 3 follows PJ Adams / Antioch Road from SR 85 to Arena Road, then utilizes a new corridor north to US 90 emerging at Old Bethel Road. The Preferred Alternative has not yet been selected. A recommended preferred alternative will be presented to the public at a Public Hearing. Following the receipt of any comments, the final recommended alternative will be selected.


Purpose and Need
The purpose of the project is to address deficiencies related to system linkage and traffic congestion between South Ferdon Boulevard (SR 85 N) and West James Lee Boulevard (US 90 / SR 10) for north/south traffic around the City of Crestview.

System Classification

The roadway is functionally classified as an Urban Collector and is a two-lane undivided highway. PJ Adams Parkway/Antioch Road (CR 4) is a Hurricane Evacuation Route. The existing access management classification is Class 4 (no control of access). The proposed Access Management classification is Class 3 (controlled access).

Existing Facility Description

The existing lanes are 12 feet in width, with eight-foot shoulders, including five-foot paved shoulders along the entire length. Existing right-of-way is typically 100 feet (50 feet left and right of the existing roadway centerline). There are presently no sidewalks for pedestrians, or designated bicycle lanes. The existing and proposed design speed is 45 mph, with an anticipated posted speed limit of 35 - 45 mph. There are three existing traffic signals within the study limits: PJ Adams Pkwy / SR 85; PJ Adams Pkwy / Wildhorse Dr; and Antioch Rd / US 90.

System Linkage

PJ Adams Pkwy/Antioch Rd between SR 85 and US 90 provides a link for north/south traffic around the City of Crestview to the west. While other studies (Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority Master Plan, Eglin Air Force Base Master Plan, etc.) are considering improvements to the SR 85 corridor, the need for diverting traffic to parallel facilities has been realized to reduce congestion in the vicinity of SR 85 and the existing interchange with I-10 which is an area experience transportation concurrency problems.

Land Use and Comprehensive Plans

The alignment traverses incorporated areas of the City of Crestview, and unincorporated areas of Okaloosa County. The southern portion of the current alignment along CR 4 (Alternative 1) traverses small-lot, single-family residential with numerous residential driveway connections. The southern portion of the current alignment along PJ Adams Parkway (Alternatives 2 and 3) traverses commercial / mixed use development. The central portion of the alignment (all alternatives) where the project alignment crosses over Interstate 10 contains an elementary school and high-density residential apartments. The northern portion of the alignment (Alternatives 1 and 2) becomes more rural with large-lot single family residential, a country club, and forested floodplains. The northern portion of the new alignment (Alternative 3) would traverse presently undeveloped land, zoned for future use as low-density residential.

The Okaloosa County Year 2020 Comprehensive Plan identifies the project location as within a Generalized Urban Development Area which defines land within the county that are, or are expected to become urban. The widening of this corridor would therefore be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan for land use / transportation planning (Objective 9, Policy 9.1).

The widening of PJ Adams Pkwy./Antioch Rd. is included in the following:

Okaloosa-Walton Long Range Transportation Plan Addendum (Final Report August 2007) as a cost-feasible TRIP funded project for design and right-of-way.

Okaloosa-Walton 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan Adopted Needs Plan based upon evaluation of future land use and traffic demand along the project's corridor.

The Okaloosa County Year 2020 Comprehensive Plan identifies the need for a Crestview bypass (Generalized Future Transportation Map, Adopted May 23, 2000). However, a specific alignment is not identified.

The City of Crestview Evaluation and Appraisal Report (July 2008) Future Traffic Circulation Map identifies the existing PJ Adams to Antioch Road route as a traffic circulation corridor to be undertaken by the County.

The project is within the Eglin Air Force Base North Encroachment Protection Zone of the Future Land Use Map. This means that any future land use amendments would be reviewed by Eglin Air Force Base for potential encroachment limitations with policy that the County Commission would give "great weight to any recommendations provided by Eglin AFB officials." (County Comprehensive Plan Objective 13).

Crash Data

Crash data for PJ Adams Pkwy./Antioch Rd. was collected from FDOT, the Okaloosa County Florida Highway Patrol, and Crestview Police Department for the period from 2003 through 2007. There were a total of 356 crashes for the five-year period. These crashes involved a total of 66 injuries and one fatality. The majority of crashes were rear-end collisions (127) and left turn collisions (57). The highest crash locations are at the intersections of PJ Adams Pkwy./SR 85 and Antioch Road/US 90. Similar to the corridor as a whole, the majority of crashes at these locations are rear-end collisions and left turn collisions.

Crash data indicates the facility is experiencing more accidents than would be expected for this type of facility. The distribution of crashes indicates a disproportionate amount of rear-end crashes, a problem typically associated with insufficient capacity. Potential counter measures include adding through lanes to reduce congestion, adding turn lanes, improving permanent skid resistance, and improving traffic signal progression.

The roadway has exceeded the crash rate of similar facilities statewide in four of the last five years. Improvements to the roadway should include medians, left and right turn bays, and multiple lanes, which directly addresses the current accident patterns.

Multi Modal Data

The primary mode of transportation in the study area is the private automobile. There are presently no special provisions for pedestrians or bicyclists on PJ Adams Pkwy/Antioch Rd. There is no local bus service along the corridor. The closest bus route in the Okaloosa County Transit System is Route 12 from City Hall of Crestview to Villcrest/Loop Dr on SR 85. No transit services are included in the 2003-2007 Transit Development Plan, and no special facilities are anticipated to be added to the roadway.

The nearest airport is Okaloosa Regional Airport, located approximately 20 miles south of the project along SR 85. An existing CSX railroad runs parallel to US 90 along the south side. The railroad intersects with Antioch Rd approximately 0.45 miles south of the Antioch Rd/US 90 intersection at a signalized at-grade crossing. A bridge is proposed to replace the existing at-grade facility.

Traffic Generators

Future housing development in Okaloosa County is likely to be concentrated in the northern portion of the county, including the City of Crestview. The southern portion of Okaloosa County is occupied by Eglin AFB, and undeveloped land is limited. The northern portion of the county is relatively rural with land available for the development of new subdivisions.

Population growth in the county is expected to grow from 192,665 in 2006 to 253,845 in 2026 with a Population Growth Rate of 1.8% according to the study performed by Okaloosa County Correction Department. This growth represents a compounded annual growth rate of 1.8 percent. This projected increase in population in Okaloosa County is expected to result in a steady increase in traffic demand along PJ Adam Pkwy/Antioch Rd.

Development pressures are expected to increase with the additional personnel associated with the Army 7th Special Forces Group Airborne (7SFGA), and Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Initial Joint Training Site (IJTS) relocation decisions to be made with the 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (DBCRC) base realignment and closure (BRAC) recommendations. As analyzed in the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Eglin BRAC, 6,067 military personnel could be stationed in the area associated with the 7SFGA (which includes spouses and children), and 4,885 people associated with the JSF / IJTS (which includes spouses, and children).

Existing and Projected Traffic Volumes

Existing and projected traffic volumes are obtained from the Design Traffic Technical Memorandum prepared for the project. Based on December 2007 counts, the 2007 annual average daily traffic (AADT) on PJ Adams Pkwy / Antioch Rd. is estimated between 7,800 and 17,000 vehicles per day (VPD) with heavier volumes between Wildhorse Dr. and SR 85 (10,000 - 17,000 VPD), falling to 7,800 VPD at the northern end of the alignment where Antioch Road meets US 90.

The Projected Volume for the 2030 Needs Plan for this segment is anticipated to be 26,600 vehicles per day. The Design Traffic Technical Memorandum projects a design year (2035) AADT volume of between 19,200 and 32,800 vpd using trend analysis projected demands from the Florida Standard Urban Transportation Modeling Structure (FSUTMS) travel model. A significant increase in highway capacity will be required to meet this demand.

Existing and Projected Levels of Service

The required Level of Service for PJ Adams Pkwy/Antioch Rd is LOS D as set forth in the Okaloosa County Comprehensive Plan, Year 2020 (Table 2.2.1). PJ Adams/Antioch Road presently operates at arterial LOS E (2007). The LOS for the "No-Build" alternative is expected to be arterial LOS E in the opening year (2015) and LOS F in the design year (2035).

There are three existing traffic signals within the study limits: PJ Adams Pkwy / SR 85; PJ Adams Pkwy / Wildhorse Dr; and Antioch Rd / US 90.

The signalized intersection of PJ Adams/SR 85 operates at LOS D (2007). The "No-Build" alternative is expected to operate at LOS F overall in the opening year (2015) and at LOS F in the design year (2035). The intersection is expected to operate at LOS B overall in 2015 and LOS E overall in 2035 with additional lanes.

The signalized intersection of PJ Adams / Wildhorse operates at LOS B (2007). The "No-Build" alternative is expected to operate at LOS C overall in the opening year (2015) and LOS F in the design year (2035). The intersection is expected to operate at LOS B overall in 2015 and LOS B overall in 2035 with additional lanes.

The signalized intersection of Antioch Road / US 90 operates at LOS C (2007). The "No-Build" alternative is expected to operate at LOS E overall in the opening year (2015) and LOS F overall in the design year (2035). The intersection is expected to operate at LOS C overall in 2015 and LOS F overall in 2035 with additional lanes.


Summary of Public Comments
No public meetings have been scheduled specifically for this project. During public meetings for the Okaloosa Long Range Transportation Plan, and based on input received through the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), general comments were made regarding timing traffic signals more efficiently, maximizing mass transit as much as possible, improving hurricane evacuation routes/times and re-prioritizing safety, including pedestrian friendly facilities on any 4 laned multi-use roadways, and identifying solutions other than widening projects.


  • Consistent with Air Quality Conformity.
  • Consistency information for Coastal Zone Consistency is not available.
  • Not consistent with Local Government Comp Plan.
    • Comment: The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has reviewed the referenced project and, based on current information, the alternatives identified in the ETDM Project Description are not addressed within the local government comprehensive plan. The Project Description references a portion of the Okaloosa County Comprehensive Plan (Objective 9, Policy 9.1) as an indicator of comprehensive plan consistency. However, the Objective and Policy refer to the Countyâ€TMs urban development area boundary but the citation does not specifically address any of the three roadway alternatives. Pursuant to Section 163.3177 (6)(a)(b), F.S., the Department also supports the use of congestion management techniques in lieu of widening where appropriate. This initiative supports alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles, walking and transit. Due to the varied land uses which currently exist along each of the three alternatives under consideration for this project (i.e. elementary school, large and small country club, commercial and country club); a great opportunity exists to encourage a wide variety of transportation options. The State of Florida is placing a greater emphasis on multi-modal opportunities as the Department seeks to promote greater mobility while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Once an alignment has been determined, the project should not be advanced into the Florida Department of Transportationsâ€TM Five Year Work Program until the comprehensive plan is amended to reflect the proposed roadway modification. Staff will make a determination of the consistency of the proposed roadway improvement with the comprehensive plan after the comprehensive plan is amended to include the selected roadway segment on an adopted future transportation map.
    • Submitted By: FL Department of Community Affairs
    • Comment Date: --
  • Consistent with MPO Goals and Objectives.

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